Food Specialist Are In Demand

The Food and Beverage industry in Canada is unique in its scope and variety as it is directly impacted by consumer trends. The last couple of years have seen shifts in consumer eating habits. There is a desire to move towards healthier eating including; organic, GMO free, pesticide and gluten free produce. This has altered the way some people are purchasing, and of course- producing, Canadian food. Retailers and restaurant chains are also merging and acquiring plants; expanding their brand on a wholesale level.

From quality control technicians to food scientists, we specialize in placing food-related staff into great positions. We assist all of our candidates by making the most of their educational and professional experiences. We utilize the information you provide us to find you that perfect food and beverage expert. Let Proforce help your business grow! Contact us today for more information.

Professional Staff Placement

We place industry professionals such as:

  • Production Manager
  • Trader
  • HACCP Coordinator
  • Beverage Sales Representative
  • Plant Manager
  • Quality Assurance/Quality control technicians
  • Franchise Operations Director
  • Food Scientists
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • And many more…