Do you retain a half dozen placement agencies to fill one position?

Do you regard placing and retaining staff to be an essential yet distasteful burden?

Do you feel like you are wasting your time conducting interviews with candidates that really don’t fit your needs?

It doesn’t have to be that way. There is an agency that will get you the employee you need and more importantly the one that will stay. It will happen quickly. And, your valuable energies will be directed where they are most needed, helping your company to grow.

Finding Hidden Talents

Proforce has a secret. Do you want to hear it?

Proforce invests heavily in the candidates we already know. We train them. We counsel them. We talk to them and worry over their needs. We make the process of finding a job almost pleasurable. We treat them as friends.

In return for this dedication, they repay us with referrals – mountains of high quality referrals. They tell us about the most highly skilled dedicated people you can imagine – the people that stay employed. These are the kind of employees that not only get the job done but do it better than you could have hoped. And, before long, these gems of the labour market are giving us a call to enjoy the same dedication.

It is primarily from this pool of hidden talents that Proforce selects your recruits. The candidates we propose are recommended by their peers. They have exemplary work records. They know their trade and will not only accomplish the tasks you set for them, but they will bring techniques, hard-earned skills, and knowledge bought and paid for by your competitors and other firms.

When you call us and ask for an accountant, a designer, a customer service representative or that perfect executive assistant, we don’t have to scramble to place ads, surf job sites, or attend job fairs. He/she is already a good friend of ours and we’ll send him right over.


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